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We don´t want to be a normal fashion label. You shouldn´t wear clothes, which are sold because of making money. We want you to wear something special, something with a story behind. Something you know, that there is so much work and passion in there, that you have a more sustainable attitude in wearing it. We print and label all of our products on our own or get some help from our homeboy David, who has an own fairtrade screenprint manufacture in Bielefeld, Germany. So you see we give very much passion and work in our clothes and make from every piece an unique piece. We produce our stuff in small, exclusive editions. So if your favourite isn`t in stock you have to be patient until we created new stuff. But you can be sure, if you are patient you will get a very exclusive and high qualitative garment!


Have fun with your new favourite clothing,


your Ohana-Dudes,

Tim and Martin