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We are two students from Osnabrück and Münster in the North of Germany. We have  knowledge in arts, architecture and design. From the raw drafts to the finished designs, the prints and the labelling, the marketing, web appearance etc. , we do everything on our own or with the help from our family and friends.

Our task is to offer you clothing which you don´t get at normal big fashion houses or manufactures. Because of the less awareness of sustainability and the over floating loveless designs of big brands we want to create a trend against that. We do every print on our own with an analoge screen print technique and we tailor the Ohana labels with our sweet tiny sewing machine on our clothes. Our concept is to design stuff we want to wear, so we never get into this loveless trot.


Moreover our aim is to spread the awareness of friendship, family and freedom in our clothes and the developing community around it. We hope that our Ohana stuff will be your next favourite clothes, because your satisfaction is the best feedback for our work and a sign that it is worth it.


Very best wishes and see you,


Martin and Tim, your Ohana-Dudes

OUR PhilosophY


Our style is sport- and streetwear. So our inspirations come from urban sports like parkour, skateboarding and creative movements. Because of parkour and freerunning we found a second family, our friends and the community. So we called our feeling to this sports and lifestyle Ohana, the hawaiian word for family.

Following standards we set as a base for our products:
carefulness, quality in fabric and manufacturing, material diversity, sustainability, ethnoglobal influence, constancy in the own concept and last but not least the fun and love we give in producing the clothes.

We wish that Ohana grows through the daily dialogue. So we hope that you will give us constantly feedback, questions and discussions around our label.

At least we say:

Be part of the family - Be part of Ohana!


OUR Logo


Our minimalistic, geometric logo is created based on the following interpretation:


In arts and architecture the circle is a symbol for perfection. The whole logo symbolises us humans as an individual, while the geometric figures represent family and friends. The triangle, square and pentagon is a abstract continuative way to the circle and shows that with every more edge, every new family member or friend we get more and more to perfection. So family and friends make us humanly and perfect as we are. Finally the best moments and adventures are these we can share!

With the word "perfect" we don´t mean faultless, because only with our faults and spots we will get unique. So we mean with "perfect" unique.

So be unique and accept yourself! And accept us as your new supercool and favorite streetwear brand for all time!

Projects we support

Ohana means family. And in a family you have to support each other.

Therefore we want to support different projects by donating 1€ for every sold piece. The first project we decided to support is "SMOF" (Sport with refugees from Osnabrück), because we think sport is a good possibility to get in touch with other people even if there are communication problems.  


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